Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 2

Back to living on the walls. It's been a while since we were beating and bashing and plowing into the seas. Little reminders of the Red Sea but without the sandstorms.

Even though only 90 miles to Cabo where we will at least have respite for a night, we are slowly adjusting to another salty passage, making miles against both the seas and chilly Pacific winds streaming out of the west.

Not much to do but embrace the ride and try to keep pinching to the west as we near the Baja Peninsula. DK keeps punching her bow into the waves, the decks are awash, and one of us curls up into the leeward cockpit nook under the dodger with a blanket and book. Me, I'm once again totally sucked into the page-turning novel of "Shantaram", one of my favorite stories I've read in the last decade. Nic has already consumed two books and copious amounts of warm tea. She is hunkered down below in the lee cloth.

This is our world. We are back on the ocean and working for our northerly miles. Still unsure if there is a hole to continue up the Baja or if we will hunker down on the Cabo Peninsula and wait. We will see tomorrow.

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