Friday, June 3, 2011

At Sea

Our world is shades of blue and white again. The light wind whistles familiarly through the boom and along the rigging. It feels good to be back on the sea.

With blessings from friends and a wish of our own we left Puerto Vallarta around 9 am this morning. We changed our head sail to our 90% and tucked our well loved 130% away. With dolphins as an escort and cooling northerly winds for company we are on our way. We sip fresh chamomile tea and nibble luscious pluots from California as a snack, both of us curled comfortably into the leeward cockpit again.

Magnum has just passed us and there is a strange absence of birds for company. We still have no answer for Gar's breathing issue but he's better today and we'll take this one like every other, one step at a time. For now we make wishes on the wind and urge our faithful steed along. Two hundred and forty miles to Cabo.

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