Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Off

Day 1 in Team DK world:

Local OMANI Time (4 hours ahead of GMT): 17:05
Local Date: Thursday, March 4
SOG (Speed Over Ground): 04.5K
Wind: NE 4.7K
Distance to Aden, Yemen: 569 miles

"Delta One, this is Alpha One, what's your etd?"
We are Delta One, the leaders of the Delta group, the back of the pack.
We left this morning under cloudy skies at 09:48 following the convoy of a total of 20 boats. We travel with four other boats at our flanks and our stern flanks. There are four groups of five and we travel in diamond formation. Conversations with one of the American boats goes something like this...

"Delta assault leader this is Delta four." -Rendez Vous

"Go ahead Delta four" -Gar

"How do you want our ranks?" -RV

"It would be great if everyone can tighten up once people get sorted with their sails." -Gar (As some of you might know, five boats turning into the wind to raise sails in tight quarters is more than challenging.)

"Can I call you Chuck Norris?"-RV "If you must." -Gar

This is only the beginning. After 5 days we will have some quality quotes we are sure. The other boats are already annoyed with the American chatter and we are trying to find a balance. We are supposed to maintain radio silence which is proving to be a challenge.

Our travel plan is to travel within a half of a mile or so from each of the big groups during daylight and a mile separation at
night. There is no wind and we are in glassy seas so it hasn't been to difficult yet. It is really hot. We sailed through a
huge pod of dolphins at around 1300 hours and motored through a big pod of pilot whales for over an hour. Their fins are huge
when they slice though the water.

Our friends, some young Brits on O'Flo had to turn around to 740 liters of incorrect fuel when they discovered it was diesel when their outboards stopped working. We plan to wait for them and have them catch up in the night.

More tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.

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