Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 in Team DK world:

Local OMANI Time (4 hours ahead of GMT): 15:05
Local Date: Thursday, March 4
SOG (Speed Over Ground): 04.3K
Wind: NE 4.7K
Distance to Aden, Yemen: 475 miles

The VHF crackles to life again. "Delta 1 this is Delta 5, I think you are in danger of being taken over by your group, over."

It is obvious. It's 05:13 and it's still dark. We run with deck lights aft and stern to avoid being seen at long distances. I can see green and white and red and white lights coming directly up my stern. It is tricky, we should stay .5 miles behind Alpha 1, the lead group and .25 from both of our flanks. Controlling speed and course is challenging to say the least with 20 boats traveling at different speeds and with different approaches.

At 00:13 hours a large wooden dhow fishing boat cruised quickly through our convoy, uncomfortably close. When they left I could
smell the stink of animals on the wind. He must have been transporting cattle.

It is a bit eerie out here, no wind, almost a reflective sea, silver skies and a light peach sun. O'Flo, our friends with the
fuel issue reconnected with us at sunrise this morning.

Everyone listening to us must be chuckling. Rendez Vous Kay and Saraoni are at it again. Bickering over their speed and
position. I think it might be a game for them now. They are amiable this morning.

We needed something exciting to happen. No wind and flat seas and a lot of miles to go. This afternoon Gar gave the fleet
something to talk about. We were being pinched on both sides buy the Bravo and Charlie group and were trying to get back into
position. Talking through it on the radio with the groups we were trying to problem solve so we could slip back in. Anyone who
knows Gar knows people who seem selfish and stubborn rub him the wrong way. I never should have given him the radio. He got
rubbed and took the bait. Gar lost his cool and played the ugly American card. This guy was been playing the pompous sailor.
Things have cooled down and Gar apologized as did this other guy. The group is back on track and we have returned to our proper
position within the fleet.

A huge school of dolphins just crossed our bow. Also, super cool and really comforting, the Coalition Forces who have been
tracking our progress sent an Australian chopper for a fly by today. The chopper cruised low and circled around all of the
boats. It's good to know they're watching out for us. We'll keep on moving. Hoping for a Tuesday am arrival.


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