Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back in the land of Yanks


Yeah, crazy crazy crazy feelings happening. Emotions are riding the roller coaster. Even though we aren't officially finished, being tied up in San Diego and having the Baja Bash finished are both big mile-markers for us on this last stage of the journey.

Yesterday we had a sweet day. The winds backed to the southwest and the seas were mellow. We flew along at 6-7+ knots the whole way and actually passed Pt.Loma and sailed into San Diego in the late afternoon. Checked back into the US by the grumpy customs officials and tied up next door at the municipal docks by 5 pm. Sweet. We thought we'd maybe get there by midnight and we were more then ready to be done.

But there's no rest for the weary as a hole is still open heading north around Pt.Conception that we feel we should take. It is bittersweet. If we don't go now we don't have any idea how long we'll be hanging in southern California and even though it sounds fun to reconnect with some friends and chill out, we also are ready to finish off the journey in SF and celebrate the adventure properly...something we really haven't done yet at all.

So we are both tired and ready for a break, but we are going for it again. Heading out the barn tomorrow morning after topping up the diesel, we plan to head straight on the rhumbline through the Channel Islands towards Pt.Conception. Looks like maybe a 3 day window so we hope to either get to Monterey Bay or Morro Bay before holing up again and waiting for the strong northerlies to blow through.

We'll keep on rolling the BLOG. Thanks to all our people for the love and support!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it back to the states! Thanks for all the updates!

Lance Flake said...

Congratulations on returning to CONUS. If I wasn't currently deployed to Iraq, there would be a dinner invite attached to this post. Just recently came across your blog and website and it is keeping me sane over here in the Middle East. Can't thank you enough for sharing your adventures and experiences.