Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peace on the Atlantic

Last night we sailed under a bowl full of stars. The clouds finally departed and left me staring at the night sky and wishing on two shooting stars. There are few times I can recall that it has been as clear as it was last night. The moon is all but a sliver and can only be seen in the wee hours. I think Jupiter, Mars and Venus are out and the Milky Way is pure magic. There are so many stars it is difficult for me to identify many of the constellations as they turn slowly seemingly in layers upon themselves. Absolutely clear, brilliant and beautiful.

The wind decreased throughout the night and we found ourselves spellbound. Sailing slowly in light winds, silently slicing through the Atlantic with stars for company and dolphins returning to give me the pleasure of a double feature of dancing comets. It was so peaceful we were content to sail at 2-4 knots, soaking in the calm that settled around us. It went on all night. It was easy to succumb to the gentle roll of the boat and slap of the tiny swell. Both of us refused to break the spell.

Venus glimmering on the surface of the sea in the wee hours while the moon winked at me before setting. The sun rose leisurely, kissing the sky pink and orange, slowly turning the belly of gray clouds lemon yellow before rising in golden glory.

We are back in the living seas. Yesterday we saw three killer whales blow, yes, killer whales (Gar being a native Northwest kid with lots of killer whale sightings had no doubt as to their identity). I did, only because I could not believe the towering fins and misty blows I was seeing were killer whales, my first sighting ever, and in the Atlantic. Today we have been visited by three pods of dolphins; one over a hundred strong. Three different species of sea birds have been diving over the diminishing swell. And we just saw waving fins of something, a sunfish or a ray most likely.

It is in these moments I absolutely love this life. Our fishing lures are out and our shoes are off. We had a festive lunch of nachos and are hoping for mahi for dinner.

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