Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 13

We're loosing our trade winds a bit and rolling with the sea. The sails are slapping and banging violently as we wallow down the face of decreasing swell with the wind at our butt and our sails still wing on wing in 10-13 knots of wind. If this keeps up we'll have to change them. Our muscles and minds are getting used to the movement and everything isn't quite as challenging any more.

Fluffy cumulus clouds crossed the sky throughout the night. When the moon was up they loomed above us on our port side like eerie oversized fake clouds on a movie set. They are still with us today and have gathered their ranks and started kicking up some squalls. Not too long ago we had one on each side of us and one in front. The wind puffed and and pulled us along for awhile, now we're left with just a bit of it.

It's amazing how many colors of blue and gray there are in our world, even white. We had 2 more flying fish casualties on deck this morning and Gar gallantly saved a huge stinky one that flopped onto the stern in the wee hours. One of the interesting things about these fish is that we can usually smell them before we can see them or hear them flapping desperately to get back into the sea.

It's still too rolly for us to muster the desire to fish and actually prep and clean it if we catch anything so we're having tofu stirfry tonight. Surprisingly, our green beans have lasted 14 days in the fridge along with the red peppers. Green scallions keep growing themselves on the counter if they still have roots and carrots should last in the fridge for a month or so. The stove is gimbaling away with a pot of brown rice.

The squalls have passed and searing lines of white sunshine slice the horizon line. A sail boat is slowly passing us 6 miles to starboard. One thousand, five hundred, twenty seven or so miles to go.

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