Friday, January 8, 2010

Andaman Showers

We have been showered with good luck since we've been here. Check in was smooth, taking only 24 hours. All of the officials, sans one were really great. We've been gorging on Indian curries and samosas and smiling at women swirling by in saris of every color of the rainbow. We were definitely overstimulated by the buzz of the city of Port Blair, even with cows in the middle of the road.

Buckets of rain have been falling and our decks are clean. We left the city behind and now we're anchored at Havelock Beach #7. It is a long stretch of beach lined with stunning tall old growth trees and Indians and tourists frolicking in the water, some with more clothes on than others. Indian women and some men swim fully clothed.

Another squall should be rolling through soon. We're anchored stern to weather now since the systems have been spinning around us. Tired and a bit groggy this morning, we set the anchor for a different wind direction after a full night of rolling rail to rail under the rainy skies. Gar unfortunately gashed his head open on the solar panel when the swell lifted the dingy and put his head exactly where he directed the 6 pack crew to avoid. No worries, he's patched up with steri strips and will have another scar to add to the collection. Much to his dislike, nurse Nikki is banning swimming and spear fishing for at least day or two.

We spied a turtle this am and an elephant walking on the beach with tourists perched on its back. Bread is in the oven and we're happy for the excuse to relax.

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