Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sa Wat Dee Boat Lagoon

After 3 weeks solid of working on DK in the boatyard here in Phuket, Thailand, we are back in the water again!

Tomorrow we are heading out the channel and will launch into some "fun" time exploring the Thai islands, sampling some limestone sloper climbing moves, and hopefully getting out on the kiteboard.

The website stories and photo galleries are long overdue, we apologize, but we have finally started working on those again too.

Hopefully you know where to find us:

Already updated are:
Malaysia Log
Thailand Log

And coming soon:
Singapore Log
Singapore Photos
Malaysia Photos
Thailand Photos
Cambodia Photos

Much love to our people out there!


Marijo Martini said...

Hey, Gar & Nicole! Been thinking about you guys. Keep on, keepin' on! Make a stop up to Bellingham when the two of you are back in the states. Would love to see you.


Marijo & Paul (aka Tatonka)

Anonymous said...

"Navigare necesse; vivere non est necesse" - latim,
phrase of Pompeu, Roman general, 106-48 aC., said to the sailors, rightened, that they refused to travel during the war, cf. Plutarco, in Life of Pompeu]