Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farewell Vanuatu

Hallo from Luganville, Vanuatu!

Team DK is wrapping up our final logistics and preparing to head up to the Solomon Islands in the next couple of days. We are planning on stopping at one of the Torres Islands for a few days to lap up the last of the beautiful underwater world of Vanuatu before switching from bislama to pidgin, kava to betel nut, no mozzies to malaria-infested mozzies, and no-crocs to big saltwater crocs.

We had a great time with our friend, Zack, who just visited us for 12 days from his home in Leavenworth, Washington. A special treat when one of our close buddies joins us out here in these faraway worlds we've found ourselves in, as we know it is not cheap nor easy to pull away from your day-to-day. Thanks again for making it happen, my friend!!

If you haven't checked out our website in a while, we have finally updated some new stories on "The Journey" page, as well as many photos in the "Vanuatu photo galleries part 1 and part 2".

As they say in Vanuatu Bislama: "Mbae mi lukem yufala bakegen" (maybe me look at you fellas back again)

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